Hello Beauty Archaeologist!

When you try a Beauty Archaeology product know that this line is a labor of LOVE that was born from our exploring hearts, our thirst for discovery and the synergy that comes when two life-­long friends join intentions to create something they are proud of.  We hope that you will be intrigued and excited by our products, the people who produce these amazing natural ingredients and the stories behind these age old remedies. 

Timeless Beauty for Modern Lives.

Stephanie King, Co-­Creator

Photo Credit: D'arcy Benincosa

Photo Credit: D'arcy Benincosa

When I was a kid I wanted to be an archaeologist. I'd check out books at the library about Pompeii, collect rocks and get way too excited about fossils. 

I’ve always had an innate desire to explore and discover.

After years of working in hotel management and eventually transitioning to desk job, I decided  to take a leap and head to Esthetics school to delve into the world of natural skin care. At that time, I had just been introduced to the homeopathic principles of Dr. Hauschka. I was so intrigued and inspired by the biodynamic farming practices that accounted for every sunrise and sunset, bird, bee and hand that plucked the flower from the ground. I began researching and reading about anthroposophy, ethnobotany, ayurveda, jamu medicine, aromatherapy, herbalism, and even Cleopatra and Marie Antoinette’s beauty secrets. Down the rabbit hole I went and the more I looked, the more there was to learn.

It was during this research that I heard about a very little known method of natural hair removal called Sugaring. Originating from ancient Egypt, the technique was not widely known or practiced. I decided it was my path and since then I’ve been mastering the Art of Sugaring. I owned Natural Skincare studio in Portland, OR called The Sugarista and in 2016 I followed my heart to the UK where I am setting up the UK's first Organic Sugaring Training Program! 

But, back to the beginning. I first started to work with natural plant oils in 2011 when my Sugaring clients complained of skin issues and wanted my advice. My love for research and desire to uncover little known methods led me to my first oil love, Tamanu oil, aka Dilo or Hefau oil. For two years my clients loyally applied this sweet and woodsy smelling, green oil to their faces, underarms, bikini lines, eczema, bug bites--you name it! 

And lo and behold, it worked for pretty much everything.

In 2012, with the help of a formulator, I created my first product Tamanu Balm. My clients flipped for it and have been using ever since for everything from scars, ingrown hairs, burns and diaper rash. I also completed my first level Aromatherapy Certification with Amy Galpar in New York and the rest is history. Tamanu oil was my gateway to the world of lesser known oils, clays, salts, muds and indigenous beauty treatments. I’ve been researching and poking pins into my wall map for the last four years wishing and waiting for the right time to see this product line come to life.

Hilary Bloch, Co-Creator

I read once, if a dream doesn’t scare you, it’s not big enough.  I guess that is how I knew Beauty Archaeology was the right project.  I had never stepped out and done something this entrepreneurial, risky, and crazy in my life (unless you count my tin foil jewelry company in 6th grade).  I have been helping entrepreneurs make their dreams come true for 14 years, yet I had never taken pause to reflect on my own.  It also felt crazy that I waited until I was 36 with two kids and a full time career to take the leap.  After all isn’t this what 24 years olds who live in their parent’s basement get to do?

I got hooked when Stephanie gave me the Tamanu balm on girl’s weekend in California.  

I have the most sensitive skin ever so I am hesitant about putting anything new on.  That whole weekend I rubbed it on some yucky rough patches of skin I had on my ankles.  Within a week they were gone.   So I started so I trying it as an after bikini wax treatment and for other minor skin irritations.  I was amazed at how quickly it cleared things up.  The real wow for me was when started using it on my kids, who have equally sensitive skin, with the same results.  It became the only diaper cream I would use on my daughter! I started calling it “miracle balm.”

I raved to Stephanie cross country and begged her to ship me more and any other products she had up here sleeve that we this simple and effective – safe for me and my babies.  Our long calls and texts turned into her sharing of her dreams around her next venture. I had a nervous excitement about committing, but I didn’t think too hard, I just jumped.  Stephanie assures me this is how it works!

I found out things about myself on this journey that I never thought I would.  

It forced me to relax into not knowing where the path would always lead.  I learned that I had an amazing untrained talent for blending essential oils which lead to the signature scents in our balms.  It reminded me how much I liked working with my hands and my creativity and not my keyboard. It taught me how complex a startup business REALLY is.  And best of all, it was a catalyst for some unreplaceable and hilarious memories with my best childhood friend, from halfway across the country…which I wouldn’t trade for anything.