Interested in becoming a Stockist? We would love to speak with you! Co-Founder Stephanie is a Licensed Esthetician and also owned her own a Skincare Studio for over 7 years. This line was initially created to meet the needs of her clients who were in search of multi-using Natural Skincare options at an affordable price. Each product in our line has a backbar application and pairs particularly well with studios that generate business from waxing or Sugaring. Our Tamanu Repair Balm has rave reviews as a post hair removal treatment product for irritated skin, cranky hair follicles and redness. Argan Boost Balm is a universal product that can be used on the face, entire body, as a hair mask and as a massage medium. The Clarify Clay speaks for itself, mixed with any water based medium this mineral rich clay will gently detox, reduce irriation and leave skin super soft and clarified! Hydrate Rose Water is just a pure luxury and really plumps up and hydrates parched skin. It's also excellent for post waxing and sugaring as a cooling spritz. We created the Soothe Tamanu Balm after so many moms told us how great the Repair Balm worked as a diaper cream. Soothe uses baby safe lower dilutions of essential oils mixed Tamanu, Olive and Hemp Oil. It pulls double duty as a thick, healing face balm after a good exfoliation.  What's not pictured here, our 95% Extra Virgin Olive that is produced by hand in Italy and is a creamy as a soap can get. We are always in search of new products to bring on board and will be sourcing a Soaking Salt, Loofah and will be producing a more sophisticated formula for our Clay all within the months to come!

We know what it takes to run a small brick and mortar business and would love to help you bring on a line that will not only be great for a majority of your clients, but also look gorgeous on your shelves. We are small batch producers so your product is fresh, handmade and of the highest quality. We offer low minimums, great support and a whole lot of passion to help you boost your retail business. Tell us a bit about your business below. We look forward to working with you!

Here are some fabulous small business we are currently working with.

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