Why? For the love of beauty + nature.


Thank you for visiting Beauty Archaeology! We created this line to bring life to some of our favorite ancient and indigenous beauty secrets. These oils, clays, floral waters and soaps have all been renowned for their ability to repair, maintain and beautify skin for centuries. We took care to locate each ingredients’ region of origin and spent over two years locating sources that not only have a story to tell, but care about the importance of maintaining traditions that surround these natural resources.

All of our formulated products are our own original creations, naturally scented with a proprietary blend of the finest essential oils. While other skincare companies will fill their products with inexpensive, inactive ingredients, we believe in giving you the active ingredient in its most effective form. That is why our Rhassoul Clarify Clay from Morocco and our Hydrate Rose Water from Bulgaria are just that, Clay and Organic Rosewater. They are totally perfect in their organic state and especially lovely when followed by the Argan Boost Balm. There are no fillers or chemicals in our products, so they are great for sensitive skin, and even your kiddos. In theory, they are safe enough to eat (please don’t eat them).

We partner with only the best suppliers for our raw materials. Our 95% Olive Oil Soap is made by an Olive Oil Sommelier in Italy--yes isn’t that the coolest thing ever? We’ve sourced Oregon Beeswax, Canadian Organic Hemp Seed Oil, Italian Olive Oil and Red Mandarin, Argan Oil & Rhassoul Clay from Morocco, Rose Water and luscious Lavender from Bulgaria and last but certainly not least, our first love, Tamanu Oil (aka Dilo or Hefau Oil) all the way from Rotuma, an Island on Fiji.

So, while we don’t have the power to take you to these exotic locations, we hope to  transport you there by giving you luxurious ingredients, native to these lands in their purest form. These ingredients have been used for centuries by these cultures to heal and nurture skin. We want to share these unique and special properties with you and hope you will be delighted. We small batch-produced each product by hand, so each run is a labor of love with delicate quality control. Join us on our journey to unearth ancient beauty secrets......we are just getting started!

xo Stephanie & Hilary

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