Oh the excitement of new products!


Just a quick post today to introduce two products that we think you'll love! We just received a freshly produced batch of Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil soap from our friend and fellow oil enthusiast Maripa! She is the real deal when it comes to top quality Olive Oil production in Italy's Lake Garda. She not only produces this soap for Beauty Archaeology, she also provides the EVOO that you'll find in all three of our Balms. You can safely bet that the Olive Oil you apply on your skin when you use our products is on an entirely different level than what you are putting on your salad. And on that note, we should all be eating better Olive Oil too, but that's a topic for another day! I am thrilled to have the pleasure to visit Maripa this April and learn from the Master, quite literally she is a Master of Olive Oil! This Cleanse Olive Oil Soap sells out quickly, if you haven't had the opportunity to try it yet please gift yourself a truly luxurious shower experience! 

And if you have babes at home, we just finalized and produced our Soothe Tamanu Balm which is great for baby tushes in need healing, barrier protection and soothing. It also serves double duty as an amazingly rich, protective facial balm. I have to note that I've been using this Balm on my face after I do my 2-3 times weekly dry exfoliation and it's dreamy. This balm, just like its stronger sister Tamanu Repair Balm will get to work to ease cranky skin, help calm irritation and get that healing process started on the spot. Repair Balm is our razor burn, ingrown hair rockstar treatment for sure!

One of the jokes we make at Beauty Archaeology is that every product must be usable on your face and your ass ;) Haha! But it's true! We set out to create products that are effective and super enjoyable to use, but at the end of the day strive to create skincare that's multi-use. You can use every single product on you face, all over your body, in your hair, on your hubby and your kids. Our Balms are meant to be tossed in your bag, traveled with, stored in your gym locker and your family bathroom. On the go, nothing beats the Argan Boost Balm. It will not only give you a dewy face and nice rich antioxidant bomb after a long day in the sun or cold winter element, but it will also sexy your legs up for a night out (or in) and charge up shine on the ends of your hair. Talk about bang for your buck!

So, we set out to tell you about two products and got a bit carried away! We are easily excited, what can we say? Since you're still here : Today through the end of February we are offering FREE shipping on orders over $40. Use Code OLIVE at the check out!

xo Stephanie & Hilary