We are happy + full today! How about a free Clay?


There are lots of Thanksgiving traditions I love - - family, friends, crackly fires, yummy smells, competitive football and bottomless mimosas.  Two of my secret favorites are stretchy pants and the Turkey Trot.  I mean honestly, weren’t stretchy pants invented for today? Who needs the jeans button digging into the stomach to remind us we are eating too much? And as for the Turkey Trot, I love it because it’s the reminder that we have strong and healthy bodies that are allowed to take a break and eat too much for one day.  Yesterday our Turkey Trot in my hometown of  Rochelle, IL was extra special because the whole family did it.  My son Cam even managed to run most of the three miles! I got to hug all sorts of old friends who were out fighting the drizzly, cold conditions with us and it became another reminder that connecting for a common purpose is so cool.

After the run, my skin was parched and I was freezing.  I couldn’t think of anything better than a warm soak in my mom’s big old tub.  I mixed myself an awesome Clarify Clay Mask and slathered it on my face and even my back which is prone to break outs after long runs in a tight top.  I dipped in with my mimosa for just a few minutes of R&R before things got crazy again.   I followed with a big spritzing of Hydrate Rose Water and a full dollop of Argan Boost Balm.  I feel ready to take on Turkey Day in a different way.  So let Beauty Archaeology give you a special moment this  Holiday weekend.  We love you and our clay so much that we are giving a FREE Rhassoul Clarify Clay with any purchase on Black Friday and Small Business Saturday! Just pop one in your shopping cart and use promo code: SMALLBIZBEAUTY. 

Happy Holidays!

xo Hilary