Celebrating! Our shopping cart is up and running!

PINK CHAMPAGNE, yes please!

First off, Hilary takes her cork popping duties seriously! Hope she's excited to see that I posted this photo ;) About 1 year ago Hilary and I had a discussion about starting this line and she agreed to take the leap with me.  Flash forward to today and we are ecstatic to announce that our first 5 products are ready to go and our website is fully functional! 

We look forward to sharing what we've learned through the process of sourcing our ingredients, researching formulations and getting pretty dang good at making our very own product line! The journey has been priceless and full of discovery. We've shared a friendship that began when we were just little girls, so to create something like this together has been absolutely magical and challenging and hilarious and powerful all wrapped into one. This is my very first blog post EVER and will be one of many to come as we begin to unfold the stories behind these ancient beauty rituals. Thank you for your support and positivity! 

Stephanie & Hilary