As I reflect on the three years since my childhood best friend and I created Beauty Archaeology, there are a lot of lessons learned.  The one that stands out the most is that it is pretty darn hard to create a business and a brand from scratch, and to develop new business channels and products.  Last year, for the first time since creating our core line of products, we launched something new - Explorer Beard Balm for men.  While I believe it rivals any beard balm on the market, we haven’t been able to stand out among the numerous product options for men.  So, we decided to take a breath and refocus on our core business - delivering high quality balms to our loyal wholesale customers.

Producing and labeling each of our products by hand can start to feel tedious sometimes, which is why I felt fortunate when my path led me to meet some women who wanted to help.  But I quickly learned they also needed my help.  These women need a second chance at life, because they are survivors of human trafficking.  They’ve had every bit of normalcy that most of us take for granted stripped away from them.  Fortunately, they are recovering in a program which includes finding and cultivating talents that fill their time and hearts, as well as employment to earn small amounts of income.  These are both things that essential oil blending and balm making can offer.

Beauty Archaeology may never become a household name.  We may never make it to the shelves at Credo, although we’ll keep trying.  But right now, I’m just fine with that.  I’ve been reminded that making balms isn’t tedious, it’s a labor of love.  And now, through balm making, we will make at least a tiny difference in the world by touching the lives of those women, by teaching them skills that remind them they are strong enough to survive and succeed, and that they are more valuable to this world than they perhaps believe.  For now, that is enough of a purpose for this small business to exist. 

So, while you didn’t hear from Beauty Archaeology on Black Friday or Small Business Saturday, we’d like to call your attention to Giving Tuesday.  We encourage you to give your time and resources to a cause that’s important to you, and to educate yourself and others on the epidemic of human trafficking.


Beauty Archaeologists "exploring" new things!

We are excited to finally launch our first product for men - - Explorer Beard Balm!  We can’t take ALL of the credit as the formula and scent were influenced by one of the best men we know, Hilary’s husband Steve.  Trying out a few products, he learned not all beard balms are created equal, and none of the products he tried felt as good on his face as the Beauty Archaeology Boost Balm.  Then it hit us - - men can benefit just as much as women from all of the great stuff in our Beauty Archaeology products, so that’s why the Explorer Beard Balm is chocked full of all the great oils from our Boost Balm!  Keeping it manly and outdoorsy, Explorer has the smoky scent of cedarwood, reminiscent of a late evening campfire, with just a touch of a lemongrass for a clean, fresh finish.  This balm will condition everything from a light scruff to a full beard, and also feels great on a clean shaven face.  In honor of Small Business Saturday, we are launching it at 20% off.  For all you ladies who have come to love Beauty Archaeology, this Beard Balm makes a great stocking stuffer for all the men in your life - - and for you gentlemen exploring our website for a gift for your lady, pick one up for yourself!


We love our Stockists!

We know (and love) small business. 

Hi! Stephanie here! We have been having so much fun working with small businesses in Oregon and Illinois to bring our line on board to retail! I am a Licensed Esthetician and owned my own Skincare & Sugaring Studio for almost 7 years. I know that finding great quality lines that offer low minimums and products that are in line with your values and your clients needs can be challenging! This year our primary goal is to expand our line and work with passionate small business owners who are looking to grow their retail. Here are a few of our awesome Stockists, check these ladies out! They are a passionate, knowledgable and eco-conscious business owners that care about Natural Skincare! 

Inner Focus Pilates - www.innerfocuspilates.com

Sugar Me Portland - www.sugarmeportland.com

The Portland Girl - www.theportlandgirl.com

Pretty Sweet Sugaring - www.prettysweetsugaring.com

Grace Skincare Studio - www.graceskincarestudio.com

Nourishing Skin Therapy - www.nourishingskintherapy.com

Sugar Sugar - www.sugarsugarportland.com

Interested in carrying our line? Check out our Stockist page!

Oh the excitement of new products!


Just a quick post today to introduce two products that we think you'll love! We just received a freshly produced batch of Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil soap from our friend and fellow oil enthusiast Maripa! She is the real deal when it comes to top quality Olive Oil production in Italy's Lake Garda. She not only produces this soap for Beauty Archaeology, she also provides the EVOO that you'll find in all three of our Balms. You can safely bet that the Olive Oil you apply on your skin when you use our products is on an entirely different level than what you are putting on your salad. And on that note, we should all be eating better Olive Oil too, but that's a topic for another day! I am thrilled to have the pleasure to visit Maripa this April and learn from the Master, quite literally she is a Master of Olive Oil! This Cleanse Olive Oil Soap sells out quickly, if you haven't had the opportunity to try it yet please gift yourself a truly luxurious shower experience! 

And if you have babes at home, we just finalized and produced our Soothe Tamanu Balm which is great for baby tushes in need healing, barrier protection and soothing. It also serves double duty as an amazingly rich, protective facial balm. I have to note that I've been using this Balm on my face after I do my 2-3 times weekly dry exfoliation and it's dreamy. This balm, just like its stronger sister Tamanu Repair Balm will get to work to ease cranky skin, help calm irritation and get that healing process started on the spot. Repair Balm is our razor burn, ingrown hair rockstar treatment for sure!

One of the jokes we make at Beauty Archaeology is that every product must be usable on your face and your ass ;) Haha! But it's true! We set out to create products that are effective and super enjoyable to use, but at the end of the day strive to create skincare that's multi-use. You can use every single product on you face, all over your body, in your hair, on your hubby and your kids. Our Balms are meant to be tossed in your bag, traveled with, stored in your gym locker and your family bathroom. On the go, nothing beats the Argan Boost Balm. It will not only give you a dewy face and nice rich antioxidant bomb after a long day in the sun or cold winter element, but it will also sexy your legs up for a night out (or in) and charge up shine on the ends of your hair. Talk about bang for your buck!

So, we set out to tell you about two products and got a bit carried away! We are easily excited, what can we say? Since you're still here : Today through the end of February we are offering FREE shipping on orders over $40. Use Code OLIVE at the check out!

xo Stephanie & Hilary

Why? For the love of beauty + nature.


Thank you for visiting Beauty Archaeology! We created this line to bring life to some of our favorite ancient and indigenous beauty secrets. These oils, clays, floral waters and soaps have all been renowned for their ability to repair, maintain and beautify skin for centuries. We took care to locate each ingredients’ region of origin and spent over two years locating sources that not only have a story to tell, but care about the importance of maintaining traditions that surround these natural resources.

All of our formulated products are our own original creations, naturally scented with a proprietary blend of the finest essential oils. While other skincare companies will fill their products with inexpensive, inactive ingredients, we believe in giving you the active ingredient in its most effective form. That is why our Rhassoul Clarify Clay from Morocco and our Hydrate Rose Water from Bulgaria are just that, Clay and Organic Rosewater. They are totally perfect in their organic state and especially lovely when followed by the Argan Boost Balm. There are no fillers or chemicals in our products, so they are great for sensitive skin, and even your kiddos. In theory, they are safe enough to eat (please don’t eat them).

We partner with only the best suppliers for our raw materials. Our 95% Olive Oil Soap is made by an Olive Oil Sommelier in Italy--yes isn’t that the coolest thing ever? We’ve sourced Oregon Beeswax, Canadian Organic Hemp Seed Oil, Italian Olive Oil and Red Mandarin, Argan Oil & Rhassoul Clay from Morocco, Rose Water and luscious Lavender from Bulgaria and last but certainly not least, our first love, Tamanu Oil (aka Dilo or Hefau Oil) all the way from Rotuma, an Island on Fiji.

So, while we don’t have the power to take you to these exotic locations, we hope to  transport you there by giving you luxurious ingredients, native to these lands in their purest form. These ingredients have been used for centuries by these cultures to heal and nurture skin. We want to share these unique and special properties with you and hope you will be delighted. We small batch-produced each product by hand, so each run is a labor of love with delicate quality control. Join us on our journey to unearth ancient beauty secrets......we are just getting started!

xo Stephanie & Hilary

p.s. We'd love if you followed us on Instagram! We'll keep you in know about upcoming promotions + new products! And....photo's from upcoming trips to Morocco & Italy!!!

We are happy + full today! How about a free Clay?


There are lots of Thanksgiving traditions I love - - family, friends, crackly fires, yummy smells, competitive football and bottomless mimosas.  Two of my secret favorites are stretchy pants and the Turkey Trot.  I mean honestly, weren’t stretchy pants invented for today? Who needs the jeans button digging into the stomach to remind us we are eating too much? And as for the Turkey Trot, I love it because it’s the reminder that we have strong and healthy bodies that are allowed to take a break and eat too much for one day.  Yesterday our Turkey Trot in my hometown of  Rochelle, IL was extra special because the whole family did it.  My son Cam even managed to run most of the three miles! I got to hug all sorts of old friends who were out fighting the drizzly, cold conditions with us and it became another reminder that connecting for a common purpose is so cool.

After the run, my skin was parched and I was freezing.  I couldn’t think of anything better than a warm soak in my mom’s big old tub.  I mixed myself an awesome Clarify Clay Mask and slathered it on my face and even my back which is prone to break outs after long runs in a tight top.  I dipped in with my mimosa for just a few minutes of R&R before things got crazy again.   I followed with a big spritzing of Hydrate Rose Water and a full dollop of Argan Boost Balm.  I feel ready to take on Turkey Day in a different way.  So let Beauty Archaeology give you a special moment this  Holiday weekend.  We love you and our clay so much that we are giving a FREE Rhassoul Clarify Clay with any purchase on Black Friday and Small Business Saturday! Just pop one in your shopping cart and use promo code: SMALLBIZBEAUTY. 

Happy Holidays!

xo Hilary

Celebrating! Our shopping cart is up and running!

PINK CHAMPAGNE, yes please!

First off, Hilary takes her cork popping duties seriously! Hope she's excited to see that I posted this photo ;) About 1 year ago Hilary and I had a discussion about starting this line and she agreed to take the leap with me.  Flash forward to today and we are ecstatic to announce that our first 5 products are ready to go and our website is fully functional! 

We look forward to sharing what we've learned through the process of sourcing our ingredients, researching formulations and getting pretty dang good at making our very own product line! The journey has been priceless and full of discovery. We've shared a friendship that began when we were just little girls, so to create something like this together has been absolutely magical and challenging and hilarious and powerful all wrapped into one. This is my very first blog post EVER and will be one of many to come as we begin to unfold the stories behind these ancient beauty rituals. Thank you for your support and positivity! 

Stephanie & Hilary